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8 Places Worth Visiting During Your Lifetime Part 3

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8 Places Worth Visiting During Your Lifetime, Zimbabwe

Right now Robert Mugabe is unshakeable in his thinking; in his rape of his own country for his own personal needs, however, a man can only live a certain amount of years upon this earth and when the end has caught up with this unscrupulous leader of a great nation, then Zimbabwe could end up a fantastic tourist hotspot and return to be the jewel of Southern Africa as it was meant to be.


8 Places Worth Visiting During Your Lifetime , Iran

Travelers to Iran are already finding this country safe, very friendly and cheap as regards accommodation and travel.  New governments with less extreme views are tantamount to achieving success in new ventures and what better new venture could be encouraged than to make the place attractive for the tourist industry.  We as human beings are inherently curious in all our endeavours.  To see and be part of another country previously isolated from the world because of violent thinking dictatorial leaderships will most likely bring Iran to the forefront of travel brochures all around the world.


8 Places Worth Visiting During Your Lifetime, Ukraine

Once ensconced behind the Iron Curtain, Ukraine is now emerging as the place to go.  Business ventures are coming out of Ukraine especially in the online business world, as experienced Internet Marketers make their way to the shores of the Ukraine to educate the people there as to what is possible if you open up your mind and allowing your thinking to think big enough. The party scene in Odessa is already becoming widely known along with the charm of the old buildings and cobblestone roads of Lviv.  Yes, Tourists will enjoy their stay in the Ukraine.

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