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8 Places Worth Visiting During Your Lifetime Part 5

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8 Places Worth Visiting During Your Lifetime, Mexico

If you put aside what is currently happening in this country and look at Mexico as an emerging tourist destination for its nightlife, beaches, culture, history and food, then get ready to see this part of the world soon become THE attraction for tourists from all over the world.  Besides being the 10th largest oil producer in the world, as well as the largest producer of silver, Mexico is fast becoming one of the world’’s largest economies.  It was once known as New Spain and once this new country had won its independence from Spain itself, the new name of Mexico was adopted taken from the name of it’s capital – Mexico City.   Evidence of ancient Aztec architecture and culture going back to 1524 marking its history alone is enough to be an attraction.


8 Places Worth Visiting During Your Lifetime, Mexico, Cambodia

This country up till lately has not been on the priority list for tourists due to its recent past history of landmines, incidents of genocide and Pol Pot, however, as with all regimes, with the upcoming, younger more educated youth coming through with their more modern thinking on how to do stuff, the temples of Angkor are attracting a growing number of thousands of visitors on an annual basis. The punk rock band Dead Kennedys also played a big part in turning the heads of the Cambodians to a more civilized nation.  It seems they started a tourism revolution with their hit song Holiday In Cambodia.  Pretty soon afterwards, the country went from a no-go zone into recovery mode and now the backpackers are leading the way to more sophisticated tourism.

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