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8 Places Worth Visiting During Your Lifetime


I looked up what is happening here in New Zealand on our news channel this morning and came across this interesting article worth sharing.

It is so fascinating being an author because it is like being a teacher.  If you want to know something about  something, then teach a lesson on it to someone else or in my case write a book!!!  People are always asking me what I write about and it is getting that way that I can’t really answer them anymore.  I just know that I have so much to learn and so much to say and putting it all down on paper or in our case – on my blogs or into an  ebook – helps me acquire more knowledge every time.

I actually thirst for knowledge right now if there could be such a thing.  I get so excited about stuff and how it works, or where it is, or what it is for.  When I am out walking, I have ideas constantly swirling around in my head and I think, “I could look that up!” and away I go with some other outline for another book on a totally unrelated topic to the one I have just completed.

Yesterday I actually came to the conclusion that I have a lot to say and who knows how many seconds I have left on this earth in which to express my thoughts and opinions on things – I had better get cracking and write to my heart’s content because let’s face it – ….Click here to read Part 2 of 8 Places Worth Visiting During Your Lifetime.

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