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Being A Member Of The Church

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Being A Member Of The Church
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Being A Member Of The Church

Today is Sunday in New Zealand and I was very excited to be back at our home ward having spent the last 2 weeks visiting with my son’s Ward in Papakura.  Even though the church sharing the gospel hamilton NZ templeis the same everywhere you go either in the lessons, setup, hymns, buildings, classrooms and everything that is familiar all around the world, it is always nice to be home being a member of the Church with personal friends who share the same community interests as your own.  To see the new babies just born and how they have grown during your absence, to hear about who took over your position of playing the piano while you were gone, and all the usual being a member of the Church gossip from familiar faces.

Being A Member Of The Church Surrounded By Loving Friends

It was particularly lovely this morning because my little friend with MS felt well enough to attend and it was my privilege to pick her up and share my temple experiences with her on our journey to the Chapel and back.  The only sad part about today’s experience was that she is off to live in another area tomorrow, being at the stage where she needs to go into professional care now and today is her last day with us.

Sharing the gospelHaving had such a wonderful time during Temple week in Hamilton (the reason for my 2 week absence) I wanted to spend a lifetime sharing with her what I had felt, learned, and brought home with me as regards my strengthened testimony.  She wanted to listen although we had too little time to catch up as she also had her own news for me.

Sharing amazing happiness and feeling amazing happiness will keep our friendship alive even though from tomorrow we will be separated by a great distance. The gospel will keep us together and thank goodness for technology we will be ablebeing a member of the church long distances to keep in touch through our phone messages.

I am so grateful to use what we can with what is available to us today to shorten distances so that it is possible to continue to being a member of the church no matter where in the world we find ourselves.


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