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Bugatti Veyron

bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron

I happened to look over my husband’s shoulder the other night and he was reading about the Bugatti Veyron from the book by Peter Gunn – Mega Machines – published by Parragon Books.  He had inherited the book from his Dad who passed on a couple of months ago.  Like his Dad, Keith is a truck driver from way back, therefore this book that contains so many fantastic articles about BIG land machines is capturing his interest every night before sleep.

The Bugatti in particular, captured my own interest a few months back when I saw the Facebook cover of a friend of mine featuring the red and black model. I instantly fell in love with it.  Up till now I had always preferred the Jaguar which Keith has had as our main car when we had a house and a garage to put it into.  Nowadays, living in a mobile home in the outdoors, there is no longer room for a Jaguar in our lives and so I am content with my wee yellow Volkswagen Bug in comparison.

However, that does not prevent me from being a great fan of the Bugatti and I can assure you that I have a picture of my two favourite coloured machines on my vision board.  Right now the price factor is out of my league, however, with the training and commitment I have made to myself for my online business, there is no reason that the Bugatti has to remain just a figment of my imagination and wish list.

Tomorrow is the last day of the year, here in my country.

Today I am publishing just one of the items that make up my vision board. 

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