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Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty’s Importance

In traditional offline businesses this has always been one of the greatest areas of  concern. customer loyalty2Online, however, the situation is much worse as it is so much easier for someone who is not happy with your service or with you to just click away from your website and easily find someone else to give their money to.

When it comes to retaining the allegiance of your online customer’s the secret to keeping them is by always giving them more than they ask for and making sure you have a great support system in place.

Overwhelming this may be, and I am not saying that it is not going to require a lot of your time to get it up and running because let’s be realistic, your customers like your business because they like you and what you have to offer them.  However, it need not be such a task if you customer loyalty1enjoy what you are doing and have not made yourself too busy to enjoy the interaction with your customers.   Next question is – how do you find out what your customers want so that you can offer it to them and in the way that is best for them?

In order to find out what exactly your customers want is simply to ask them.

This requires some type of research on your part.  And a good way to conduct research on the web is by having somewhere on your website for feedback so that you can get communication going between you and them.  Often you see a comments box at the bottom of the page when you are viewing someone’s website.  Well that is a good place to start to ask people what it iscustomer loyalty that they want.  When you are talking to them on a webinar tell them that is what that place is for.  Or after the webinar you could have a research form go out at the same time as they exit away from your webinar.  If you haven’t actually started a business online yet and are just thinking about it, then check out what your competition is doing and get their ideas on how they attract people to tell them what they need. Customers love to provide suggestions.  I know myself, from learning to comment myself, the website owner is not interested in you just saying great info or something little like that.  They are actually looking at any way they can improve and are grateful when someone comments so they can look into whatever the problem is that you as the customer has found.  There is a science here to study. Since I learned that fact I try to make my customer loyalty5comments more meaningful so that it looks like I have actually read through their material and I point out what has caught my eye. It’s all part of getting to know your customers really.

Skype now seems to be the way of the world and maintaining you customers in a Skype mastermind group works for others, why not for you?  This is a great way to get to know your customers better as it becomes more personal when you see a message from one of them and you can relate one on one to each other.  This is far better than having to rebuild a business just because you never paid enough attention to your customers.  Taking care of them means money in your hand and money in your hand means food on the table for your family. Taking some notice of Customer Loyalty will keep you in business for many years to come.

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