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Double Optin Email

Double Optin Email

Most safe lists and mailers that I work with require you to confirm that you do want to join and do business with them.  I think this is a great system because you have the option to choose.  Often we get caught up in the hype of things when we come across a site or someone sends us a link – the front page advertisement promises so much and you think, “Yes, why not?”  So you register your name and email and away it goes to online land and you are left with a blurb telling you must confirm your email before you can start to use the site.  If you are busy at the
time, maybe surfing or reading emails, or get distracted, then it sometimes happens that you will not immediately confirm your readiness to participate.  Perhaps you leave your emails tillDouble Optin Email later in the day and do them all at once.  Sometimes you forget if you leave it too long.  This system is using a double optin email system.  You register on site, then you need to go to your inbox and click an activation link that will confirm your willingness to keep going forward with that site.

Some sites take you to a thank you page. Personally, I like to use the Aweber double optin email method – they have a voice activated page that asks you to go to your inbox and confirm your registration.

It’s a safety valve for both you and the safe list or mailer.


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