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Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

In order to get your email campaigns off to a running start, you need some type of email marketing service that gives you the ability to make a great impression through your advertising creations.

Now you also need to consider other helpful features such as surveys and professional auto responders through which you can feed your follow-up emails.  Never underestimate the power of Social Media, particularly FaceBook and Twitter.  In fact, LinkedIn has a clever little device that when you post to them, they will automatically post to Twitter who then automatically post to FaceBook. In taking advantage of this feature, you are saving yourself time by only making the one post instead of three.

Using pen names seems to be a growing trend today too.  Filtering is another one to help keep you organised.  All of these features should include a great technical support which is what will ensure the success of each of your email campaigns.

Your dashboard is also certainly a most important tool. Make sure it is simple and easy to use, because when it is, you are more likely to keep going back to the programmes again and again to help you create your email campaigns.

Does your email marketing service provide easy to access and to use importing services?  I am not just talking about your existing email databases, but also the feature whereby you can import social media contacts or contacts from other email services other than the one you are currently using.

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