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Exporting Wholesale Jewellery

Exporting Wholesale Jewellery

Did you know that by sending just 1 piece of jewellery out of the country to another country it is actually seen as exporting jewellery to another country?

I was not aware of this and because one has children who live overseas, it is so easy to overlook this rule because you are always sending presents for Christmas, Anniversaries and Birthdays and probably don’t even think about a gift that you are sending quite innocently to your children or as in my case, my grandchildren.

Therefore now that you are aware of these things, it would be best before you send such gifts to contact the authorities to ensure that what you are doing is totally legal, because it would be no fun if someone from the authorities came visiting you one time to slap a warrant on you for this innocent gift occasion.  They may not understand that you are an innocent person – some authorities are so vicious nowadays given the amount of people who actually do spend their entire lives cheating them.

So let me reiterate here.   Sending a single item of jewellery to another country could be seen as ‘exporting goods.’

Someone reading this blog might think, I live in the USA and I am only sending it to Mexico or Canada!  Well if these countries do not form the United States of America then you could be in for a not very nice tax bill.

There are places you can ring to check and I would familiarise myself with them if you have intentions of sending any of your wholesale jewellery overseas at any time in the future.  The Customs Agency that is local to your particular State would be the first port of call. Or you could check further afield by contacting the United States Customs Office if you hail from America.  Here in New Zealand you would check with Customs.

They would require a detailed description of each piece you intend to send and will probably require photographs as well for further checking on their part.  If there are stones involved, then naturally they would want weights and sizes of each stone.  It is their job to let you know if shipping is legal or not, and also they should be able to tell you what if any problems you could run up against in particular countries. Every country has their own laws. Remember that just because it seems okay in your own country, that may not necessarily be the case in another country.

Remember that if you are sending something to a buyer overseas, then shipping costs will need to be added to the cost of the item before shipping.  Shipping from many countries is now an expensive matter, therefore you do not want to be lumbered with having to pay these yourself because that would soon eat into any profit you are making on the item involved.

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