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#FridayReads Part 2

Debbie Nicholson reading Part 2 of #FridayReads 

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Part 2

………. up their characters – well in my case anyway.  When we downsized to a mobile home and the day I had to pack all of those precious books into boxes and ship them out to other people’s homes, the tears fell fast. How do people form an opinion of me now that they don’t see what I read?

This past week I have totally immersed myself in the Scriptures because of the inspiration I had on Monday morning for 2 books, one of which I have published yesterday. I normally read 10 pages every day anyway before I start my day, however, this week has involved a lot deeper research.  You can’t go wrong with scriptures I reckon.  They set you up for the day in thought, word and deed as far as  I am concerned.  The other book I am rereading for the umpteenth time is The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale – a book I found in my bedside cupboard – I truly do not remember putting it there – and so I feel it was placed there by higher powers for me to discover this man and what was important to him in his lifetime that many of us follow ourselves in these current days.  On my Kindle this week I have been catching up with Stephen Pierce with his How To Make Real Money On The Internet as I have a soft spot for this man who encouraged my very first kindle publication.  And for fun…………

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