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Hold The Faith – Susan Preston

I just watched this trailer for a cool book on the market that is so in line with my own personal Christian interests.  When pressures come upon us sometimes it is hard to stay true to our faith.  What are our excuses? All of them would be weak outer-self beliefs.  We need to be always aware of our thinking and the strength that we can get from our inner-self.  Look to Matt. 7:24-27 about the building of houses on sand or rock – your choice.

Do you as a Christian know much about our Christian history?  Being an avid reader I like to delve into the lives of people in earlier times.  This interest has helped me so much with the work I do on family history research.  Stress crept into the lives of our past peoples just as it does in our lives today.

Trust is so imperative if we are to survive today – “But if it be of God you cannot overthrow it…” Acts 5: 39

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