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How Is Chocolate Made And Dark Chocolate

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How Is Chocolate Made

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Dark Chocolate

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………It is said lately that Chocoholics in the older or more mature age bracket are now dark chocolate chocoholicsblessed with having a far greater excuse for their obsession.  Apparently, in order to keep that mind going, the dark chocolate that is available all around the world is very, very suitable specifically for this purpose.   I am not sure whether that is a truthful saying or not, however, being in the Chocolate Cravings Club For Life, I’m all for it, what about you?

Brain Health And Dark Chocolate

There was a study done recently and backed up by being published in the Neurology Journal, that brain health and advanced thinking skills in the more mature age bracket can be vastly dark chocolate and brain healthimproved by indulging in dark chocolate. Quite frankly, when I am on such an indulgence, my cheeks feel very warm and my head gets a little out of whack, in fact I am feeling like that now (she says as she reaches for her 3rd row of yummy chocolate when yesterday she promised herself she would only have 2 pieces of 1 row from now on!!) Now when I mention the more mature age bracket, I am talking about people of any age finding myself in that age bracket recently.  My grandchildren get the same symptoms as myself and they are a far younger generation than me, therefore I think the attributes given to dark chocolate can be found anywhere in anyone.  I have 2 grandchildren who swear by dark chocolate and they are both nerds at school and in the top 10 of their entire school population…………



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