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How To Build a Kick-Ass Gaming PC 2013 Computer Testing

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How To Build a Kick-Ass Gaming PC 2013

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How To Build a Kick-Ass Gaming PC 2013 Computer Testing

following on from Would You Like A Cup Of Cocoa Jeremy Clarkson?

………A simple computer testing screen test showing a pattern of a series of letters was the test computer testingchosen to give to the testing people involved, both before and after the event and the testing people involved were closely monitored in between for their reactions and habitual change. The test resulted in memory and reasoning points of significance.

Interesting results from the most modern up-to-date equipment was discovered.  In order to measure blood flow to the brains of the testing people involved, ultrasound was used.  MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) was used to examine the nerve fibres, otherwise known as computer testing mri“white matter”, that are known to connect distinctive parts of the brain.

Cerebral testing done in the “before” tests resulted in about 30% of the testing people involved suffering from acute white matter damage as well as a reduced flow of blood to their brains.  The other 70% scored far higher with less damage to the white matter and a greatly increased blood flow to their brains.  These computer testing results led to the thinking that brain structure, proper mental and intellectual functioning as well as healthy blood flow was significantly linked together.

The computer testing 70% showed little or no improvement after the 30 days testing of having 2 cups of cocoacocoa every day, while the 30% did show noteworthy improvement to blood flow and faster reaction time when tests were completed on the final days.  Surprisingly the flavanol was not able to be attributed to any of the improvements………..

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