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How to Find Boxes for Your Jewellery

How to Find Boxes for Your Jewellery

When one has a hobby that requires a presentation box of some kind it is always a worry as to where to find such boxes at a reasonable price.  I have had the same problem with things that I have made in the past so I was very interested in pursuing this line of thought for future events when I might be enthused to make something that needed a presentation box.

It is always nice to receive something in a gift box especially pieces of jewellery – for the mystique, for the fun, for the easier wrapping, or simply just for the aesthetic pleasure.

In New Zealand you can get great service from Quick Brown Box and they will send you a sample of your order to wherever you live in New Zealand. They come in black, brown and white colours with various printing options. They offer a fast turnaround, no setup costs and will make sure that what you want is what you will get in customizing to your tastes. The materials they use are eco-friendly and they have very affordable prices.

The information you would need to give them are the length in mm; width in mm; height in mm;  the purpose for which you are ordering;  e.g. what would be the item the box will eventually hold; the estimated weight of the said item; how many boxes you might require and what type of print would be your preference.

Here is their link

When you are from another country, then your best option would be to shop online as jewellery boxes are easily found at affordable prices in online stores.  All you have to do is go to Mr Google and type into the search box ‘boxes for jewellery’ and there will be many, many results that will suit where you live.  You will be pleased to know that most places will even print your logo on each box, however, you will be up for an extra cost if this is part of the service you wish to offer when sending your pieces of jewellery through the mail.

As with anything the more you buy, the better the price, therefore buying in bulk would be a great suggestion on my part.  Before your purchase it would be a great idea to make sure that you do have access to a refund and/or exchange system just in case they get the sizes muddled up and you receive something that does not suit your items size, shape and weight.  And if for some reason your boxes arrive in a damaged state then that would be another great idea why you should check for refunds and exchanges.

Sending off pieces of jewellery that customers have ordered from you should look professional at all times not just to give the item a good image, but yourself a good image as  well.

First impressions count in all things, therefore being on the receiving end of an online purchase will encourage further purchases if the very first purchase leaves the buyer with a great impression of you and your service.

That little box will say and do it all for you.

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