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How to Make Your Own Jewellery

How to Make Your Own Jewellery

What a wonderful hobby to have.  My sisterinlaw opened my eyes as to how easy it is to make your own jewellery when we visited her last.  She had see-through boxes of beads of all shapes, colours and sizes. She had other see-through boxes of the bits that you need to put them together as either stringed or brooches or earrings.  Had we been living in a house, I would have jumped at the chance to join her in making them, however, it was not to be because we do not have a house and therefore I have no storage even for a few see-through boxes!! Very sad.

However, there are numerous people in the world who do make their own jewellery and they sell their pretty pieces at malls and markets and outside their buses at meets, and then there are also those who sell them online. You just need a creative mind as to what colours, shapes and sizes to put together.  Then you need to decide lengths and whether they are to adorn the neck, or the ankle or the wrist or the chest or the ear.

Being a creative person myself, it seems like a great workable hobby-come-online business to me. People even put out books giving you instructions on how to assemble each piece.  YouTube is full of these instructional videos if you want to go looking there.  It is so much easier when you can follow along with someone for each step until you get comfortable to make them on your own.

Blog sites are available when you type into Mr Google “how to make your own jewellery”.  Detailed websites are available as well.   It’s an exciting new world out there for anyone who wishes to put their creativity to the test and the market is certainly available to those who have beautiful jewellery for sale.

Supplies are readily available – we have a great shop in New Zealand called Spot Light and they have a vast range of jewellery items in their hobby section.  Overseas you must have shops that cater for a similar patronage.  If you have $2 and $3 dollar stores, this is a another outlet where you can buy what you like in small packets for very reasonable prices.

When shopping online, I have already outlined in previous chapters how buying in bulk gets you better prices on a piece by piece cost factor.  The more you buy, the less the cost per piece. You just need an upfront payment and then go from there.

Gems, whether cheap or really good quality can be brought online or offline – you just need a good eye for what you seek to make your own jewellery.  String and wire type materials are readily available through the same sources.  Earring wires or caps, whether plastic or metal are also available in great bulk prices. Tools that you would need to make your own jewellery are a bit more specialised but then again, if you are not close to an offline store, then buying through the internet will be an okay way to go.

Once you have done some practice ones and are feeling confident that you can now start using your creativity to make your unique styles, then this would be the time to start letting your friends and family know that you have chosen to start a business making your own jewellery.  Let’s just hope that when you got the first inkling of an idea to start out your own jewellery business, that you did not discuss with your friends and family how cheap you could make your own jewellery.  Otherwise, now when you are showing them your own unique pieces, people who have long memories will often not be happy to pay the retail price you want to charge. You see from my own experience, people who do not have trades and businesses of their own do not ever appreciate the time taken – the labour you have put into making each piece.  They will only remember you telling them how cheap you got this and that, and how cheap you were able to pick this and that up for.

Therefore use your discretion as to who you allow into your business circle when discussing very private matters such as the basic costs of things.

When you are ready to sell, you will naturally start with those whom you know, therefore the less they know about the basic costs to you the better – just so you can start to get your investment money back gradually right from the beginning.

Learning about all of these wholesale tricks I am sharing with you here will certainly have you soon showing a thriving business and a profitable one at that!

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