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How to Select Beads

How to Select Beads

Beads come in all sorts of grades, quality and quantity when choosing from a wholesale market.  Therefore when purchasing such things, you must take some care and be pre-informed about what you want to buy and why.  The beads you need to select need to possess some value to you, therefore it is important  that the designs you wish to make are already formed within your creation patterns so you know beforehand exactly what you are looking for. After all, we are not children making things out of plastic anymore.  I suspect that a hobby of making jewellery has come from you doing these things when you were young with what was available to a child at the time.  And at that time, what was available were all sorts of pretty beads and chains made out of plastic.  Am I right?

Okay, well we have to get away from that thinking pattern now.  Now you are an adult or at least on your way there, and you have decided that making jewellery would be a fun way to earn some money.  And in order to make money making homemade jewellery, your thoughts need now to be gathering into a space of abundance, of value, of beauty, of the highest quality you can afford, of authenticity.

Glass or Lucite beads are what you need to look for now as they are the prettiest on the market, plus both are durable and they have a shiny look about them – all these things are important when one wants to make jewellery and to wear it.  So keep away from plastic as plastic stuff has a cloudy appearance and that is not what your ultimate market will be looking for.  Noone wants to know that when people observe them wearing their jewellery, that it looks fake.  It may be fake but it can look a beautiful fake and that is what you need to aim for to keep your potential customers happy.  Think about what you like to wear yourself whenever you have designs in your mind.  I mentioned in the early part of this paragraph Lucite which is plastic true, however, it is a solid transparent plastic made of the same durable material as Perspex or Plexiglas. In other words, it looks good.

If you are able to do so, then inspect the beads you wish to use for any imperfections. Some beads may have been clumsily made – e.g. may look lopsided.  Some may have been chipped in transit, some even broken in place or scratched in some way.  These do not lend to quality at all, therefore, steer clear of anything that is not perfect in your eyes. Sure, they may be a bargain for you to start out with but honestly, they will not be a good look in the long run. Therefore my advice still stands – steer clear of anything that is less than perfect.  This way you are also developing in your mind a classy, distinctive, genuine look and feel and most importantly an ethical branding of you.

Now most jewellery beads are sold in bulk, therefore you will get a good price per item by using this system of acquirement.  When this happens, of course, then you will not usually have the privilege of being able to examine each piece as it comes to hand and you will just be subject to the luck of the draw as to what arrives in the post to you a few days later.  This is when it is important to make sure there is a refund and money back guarantee policy in place.  Look for it before you purchase as it could save you a lot of money in the end.  You want to feel confident that you can exchange any faulty beads that arrive with your order.  Of course these ideas are for when one would be living in an ideal world.  Some companies may not offer this.  Then you are at their mercy.

Make sure you deal with a reputable trader is my next suggestion, advantages of which have been discussed in other chapters throughout this book.

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