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Importing Wholesale Jewellery

Importing Wholesale Jewellery

There are usually a lot of extra and sometimes hidden costs when it comes to importing wholesale jewellery, therefore this article is more of a warning as to whether this option is a viable option to choose.  Shipping doesn’t come cheap.  Insurance doesn’t come cheap.  Does your seller have a good reputation?  Dealing with Customs Agents is not an easy matter.

These are but a few of the problems that could block the steady progress of your home made jewellery making business.

What type of items are you thinking of bringing into the country?  Do they include animal products? If they do, then have the animals been slaughtered ethically in order for you to have your share? Unfortunately there are many rogues out there who are even white-collar rogues who slaughter animals illegally – they do not care if an animal is on the extinct list – they want it, so they make sure they get it no matter what the cost to human or animal kind.  Many are ruthless.

What happens if what you order is not what you get?  Is there redress available for this type of situation?  Even if you have checked that there is a money-back guarantee or refund policy in place, just how genuine is it? Do you understand the language your seller speaks and does he understand the language you speak?  Are you working through an Interpreter who has a great reputation?  Is your story getting across to the seller in the way you wish it to be stated?

This is what I mean by hidden issues.

Often it is better to shop within the boundaries of your own country, if for no other reason than for peace of mind.  Being ripped off by someone in another country happens more often than not.  How much experience do you have dealing with the people involved? At least if you are shopping within your own borders, then you do have the ability to follow up more immediately than were you shopping in a foreign country.

Yes, the costs may be higher within your own country, but unless you have a track record of success with the sellers, the potential costs for redress are far higher when working with a company that is on foreign shores.  There is not just the procurement of the jewellery items and other bits and pieces that you need, there is the shipping to be added as well and while you are about it, there are taxes and insurance as well.

It is not difficult to find someone in your own country with whom you can safely place orders, having full confidence that you will receive what you ordered in good order and in good timing.

Consider these suggestions when thinking along the lines of importing wholesale jewellery.

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