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Iron Chef America – SECRET INGREDIENT – Chocolate!

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Iron Chef America – SECRET INGREDIENT And Chocolate!

following on from How To Build A Kick-Ass Gaming PC 2013 Computer Testing

……………..Improvements were found among all 30% of those taking part with the “before” secret ingredient chocolateresults, who were randomly given the flavanol-rich and flavanol-poor drinks.  These results now suggested that chocolate has another secret ingredient that is also responsible for brain functioning and blood flow improvements.

Neurologists will continue to do their research with no-doubt very willing helpers in a further series of tests that will be conducted in various medical institutions.  Their main aim is to be able to produce this secret ingredient in the form of medication that can be dispensed from a bottle.

In the meantime I will continue to test myself on such things to see whether my own brain secret ingredient dark chocolate and brain healthfunctions can be improved by my “addiction” to not just 2 cups of cocoa a day, but a few pieces of this delicious  mouth-watering substance that is made just up the road from my childhood neighbourhood.

Of course, I may have problems accessing a magnetic resonance imaging machine.  I may even have problems asking to be allowed to use an ultrasound machine.  I tell you what, there is something I can supply and that is the warm gel they apply first before the ultrasound.  Our local supermarket has heaps of that on their shelves and I am sure I will be secret ingredient chocolate peanutsable to buy in bulk to get the suitable thickness required.  I could even supply the gel warmer, as well as the towel to clean up the mess afterwards.  My contribution, along with being a very willing participant should help to find the secret ingredient, don’t you think?

How does that sound, you scientists out there.


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