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Kim Jong-un – Part 2

North Korea Not Happy With Uncle Jang

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Part 2

……training before the event thus their preparation methods are done in this in-house type of way.  I think myself, that today’s youth looks far differently on society and I think that the more hands-on one plays the game, then more wisdom comes from the decisions that are soon to be theirs for the making.

It has been interesting for me to watch a greedy uncle in the background, suspiciously supported by a loyal wife with the same thoughts and feelings as her eternal partner.  I had no reason to think that Uncle Jang Song Thaek was a greedy person,  I just trusted my gut feeling about him when I saw him hovering over this “charge” supposedly making the decisions that had already been handed down to him to make because they had been dreamed up by the Uncle-in-charge-without-being-aware-of-that-fact.

Now all these months since the first appearance that came to my notice about this new young leader my suspicions have found fruit.  Uncle Jang has been deposed of his high standing and now it appears been executed for the part he played in the offences that led up to this extreme action. In a country of millions upon millions of people, perceived insurrection has to be dealt with quickly. There are no ifs and buts like in our unfair system when far too often it is the victim who gets penalized for defending themselves against the perpetrator depending on how much you can afford to pay a lawyer.

Visually not supporting his leader can be seen as …..………… Click here to read Part 3 of Kim Jong Un.

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