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Morphing From George Washington To Barack Obama – A Long Way – The Morphit

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Morphing From George Washington To Barack Obama – A Long Way – The Morphit

The Morphit
2 x 90 Day Challenge Video 23

The Morphit

The Morphit is here!

the Morphit Len BlandAn innovative idea has come to the fore introduced to the world by Len Bland, in partnership with his family Marama and Tyler who live in Cairns, Australia. A great combination of Kiwis with Americans is not just available through successful yacht building (kudos to the Warkworth workers, only this time it’s the American who has the idea and the Kiwis who are there for the support.

If you are the owner (either current or near-future) of any hand held electronic device, then The Morphit is for you, no matter your age, race or religion.  Just thought I would put that inthe Morphit adjustable viewing frame here because it is for anyone, anywhere. The Morphit is a multipurpose universal case that is designed to fit tablets and cell phones and anything else that comes onto the market.  It’s designed to provide the user with improved viewing and flexibility; admiration for appearance due to the high quality materials used in its assembly; respect for its size and weight; global approval for its low cost; appreciation for its prompt delivery.  As soon as someone sees you with yours, they will immediately want one for themselves.

Just some of the features include:

  • Genuine Leather case
  • Super Slim
  • Light Weight
  • Unique heat distribution
  • Built in magnifier
  • Removable magnifier
  • Adjustable magnifier
  • Interchangeable viewing lens
  • Pliable body
  • Hands free
  • Choice of colour

the Morphit sizeBy getting your early-bird order in now for The Morphit, you will become the owner of a truly elegant item that fits readily with any size, type or make of mobile device you own or are thinking of owning at the present time.  Click here for more information.


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