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#nzlead – Part 2

Steve Jobs talks about managing people

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Part 2

………was no longer wanting to have my life controlled by someone else offering a mere pittance of a wage every week for the long hours I was expected to work. 


On looking back, it would have been far less stressful for me to have continued with employment in the bank who had taken me under their wing, courtesy of my Dad who knew one of the elite society of Bank Managers at the time, he being the Top Level Taxi Proprietor Entrepreneur of those days.


Soon after that I was offered a chance to open a branch in Porirua which was far closer to where I lived and therefore the traveling distance would be far less for easy access to my littlies in an emergency.  The hassle that I encountered from that point was in having staff who took advantage of my necessary absence from either venue every which way one turned.


I was the first employment agency set up n Porirua so that was a great advantage.  Plus I had the backup of my accountant who put me into a position of being landlady to several clients on the floor where he rented his office that he visited twice a week.  I was able to do a lot of the work for him as well because his staff had been training me over the years to do the books for my fatherinlaw who was a builder so it was easy for me to pick up on work he left for me to do. 


Which of course added another income stream to my rapidly growing business…………

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