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#onemillionaitzazs Part 3

Teen dies stopping suicide bomber at school in Pakistan

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…….rather than the bad man that was needed in this scenario in order to help save a nation or in this case a village of children.

This young man was sent here for a purpose and he achieved the purpose for which he was sent here.  Great pride in having such a son was so obvious when his father, Mujahid Ali, returned from his work in the United Arab Emirates to bury his boy and to celebrate his life.  Surely Aitzaz Hasan had made his mother shed many tears, however, he had been responsible for saving the tears of many hundreds of other mothers from suffering as they would have been if he had not saved the lives of their own children.

Many hundreds of people attended the funeral of the teen hero, Aitzaz Hasan, #onemillionaitzazs. A huge out-pouring of emotion is very obvious on television and other media outlets around the world in praise of this young man.  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is peopled by many Shiite Muslims who are viewed as heretics and are the prime target of those who think they know better amongst the militant sect.  Suicide bombings and attacks are an everyday occurrence in this part of the country. Today they can be proud of a “young person with heart-stopping courage,” giving all of Pakistan a positive image of a 17 year old who gave his life for his classmates.

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