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Opt In Email Lists

Opt In Email Lists

Purchased and rented lists are not advisable.  Opt in email lists are the way to go because you need your offer to be seen by many pairs of eyeballs at once – this is where bulk email lists come in, however, you don’t want to be spammed either by just anyone who thinks they Opt In Email Listshave your email from some source or other and that seemingly gives them permission to send you unwanted email. The term for this is unsolicited bulk email or spam in the greatest sense of the word. Opt in email lists are typically an option to receive bulk emails, or in other words many emails that are sent off to many people all at the same time.  These may come to you perhaps in the form of a newsletter, advertising or just through a mailing list.

If you are going to succeed online as an Internet Marketer, you need traffic, therefore finding some way of getting traffic to your website should in my opinion be on the top of your list of things to do.  It doesn’t matter whether your product is the best thing since sliced cheese, if you have no traffic coming to see what it is you are offering, then no sales suggests a rather bleak future for you.  Targeted traffic spells success – this is why people come to your site because they have a particular reason to be there.  If you can get yourself on to as many opt in email lists as you can, then this type of traffic is exactly what you need.



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