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Tips for Building Opt In Email Lists

Opt In Email Lists are so important to your business.  Without one, you really have no business and that is all there is to it.  Email lists represent customers and without customers there is no business.  This is why it is so important to be constantly building your list.  And in order to do Building a litsthat you need to have some way of capturing names and emails from those who come across you on the internet in any way, means or form.

Interesting you say, how do I get them to tell me their email address?  And then how do I get them to become a customer?  And then how do I find someone in order to get their email address off them in the first place.

All these questions amble through your mind at the very thought of “that ever important list”.

Nowadays, emails are sent within minute parts of a second around the world. Communication is so easy today.  Being informed is the buzz of the moment.  Think of how low-cost this form of advertising could be to you:  sending regular emails off to people who are interested in being on your team for all the wonderful products you have in your arsenal.

Naturally you  need customers and every person who willingly gives you their email address should be looked upon as a potential customer.  Even if they are only interested today in being your friend, who is to say that tomorrow they might change their minds and decide that internet marketing is the way to go for employment.

list buildingThis is why we are suggesting here for you to have an opt in email list which is the IN word for directory of email addresses that are yours to freely send information to.  There are things to do before you get to the opt in list part of course and below you will find some guidelines to help you get started.

  • Create your website.
    The big Number One on your To Do List.
    When you have a presence on the Internet, then you have somewhere to direct people where they can register with your site or sign some sort of guest book although I think that guest books are not really as popular today compared to a form that they either just fill out which then directs them to something you are giving away, or just to gain entry to your site.
  • Set up a promotion or a freebie.
    People love something for free and I can tell you that if you offer them something for free that they see as of great value to them then they are more willing to give you their email address.  Today it is quite usual to also ask people to confirm their email addresses in a double opt in system, therefore protecting you from losing your precious giveaway to someone who doesn’t want to play the game the way it should be played by them giving you a false email address.  Here the risk is of course is if they give you the email address that they never look at, so it is also wise to ask them for their best email address when asking them to confirm.
    Free items of value could be
  • A free report
  • Free download of a programme you are willing to give awaylist building bully book
  • Free games
  • Free Screensaver
  • Free Book you have written or have the rights to give away
  • A bunch of software you have bundled up into a FREE package
  • Free anything you wish really.And what is your reward for giving something of this nature of any of the above away for FREE?  Your reward is their name and email address.  That is of high value to you, the most important 2 pieces of information you could collect in your entire life of business on the internet. If you don’t want to use the double opt in system then, place a checkbox on the form that they can tick that states that they are willing to receive emails from you in the future.A very effective and simple way to build your opt in email list.
  •  Write and write some more.
    Commenting on articles of pieces of information written by someone else is another effective way to get someone to come onto your list.  Always add your own URnewsletterL so that they can click on your link to read what you have to say in more depth.
  •  Create your own newsletter
    When you are already maintaining several blogs, this might not be an easy option because you will always be tied to your computer and after all, working from home is not about always being tied to your computer.  However, if you are just starting out and only have the one website, then by all means start your own monthly newsletter or even be so bold as to start your own ezine.  If you are the creative type then this will be just up your alley.  You have the email addresses that are opting into your list on a regular basis, therefore you already have a market who is interested in your ezine or newsletter.
  • Pose an easy opt-out option.
    removeAlways give your people who are opting in the opportunity to opt out as well.  If it looks like they will never be able to get rid of you if they don’t like what you are going to send them, then I doubt that they will opt in very willingly.  Nobody wants to be tied to someone who does see their point of view that they are no longer interested or are just too busy to read what you are sending them anymore.
  • Partner up
    Finding a partner on the internet who wants to generate a list is also a good idea.  If there are expenses involved, then here would be somebody with whom you could share the expenses as well as the list being generated.  Just be selective in whom you partner with.  It is not really advisable to partner with someone who might be in direct competition with your business.  Picking someone who has similar interests to what you are offering but not exactly the same would be great.  And this way you both are able to send the list two different marketing offerings and continue to build your list because of the diversity of products being offered.
  • Know your prospects
    Knowing what your market is wanting is very important.  Selling a range of cosmetics to a group of men who love boys toys would not be a good idea and vice versa.  After all you, speeds up the processare going to a lot of time and effort to build your list, therefore you need to know exactly who wants what.  If you are in several niches, then you will need different lists to cater to each market.  Budgets are great to keep to if you are considering any type of expense associated with your list.  When a budget is needed, then make sure to always be mindful of it.

These few tips are suggestions for you to get started right away in gathering information for your opt in email lists.  It is up to you as what you choose to do and how you choose to implement the choice you have made.  I wish you all the best with your email marketing. And remember, all lists started with 1 person and then they grew from there. So do not be discouraged when starting out.  We all started with nothing and went from nowhere to somewhere.  Now is your chance to join us.

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