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Organize and Manage All Your Safe Lists Part 2

Organize and Manage All Your Safe Lists Part 2

Organise and Manage All Your Safe ListsGoing from left to right I start pasting in my entire email text file into each site. On the way back I cut the subject and enter that into each subject line. Then going forwards again, I cut the URL and post that into the URL section.  I then come back and type in how many credits to send to; I check the left hand options and then I click send.  Upon reaching the end I go back to the one I started with and confirm each tabs site.  After confirming all the sites, I verify the email has been sent by clicking on Sent Mail.  Once I am satisfied all have gone then I close all the tabs and go to the next divider in my folder.  This way you definitely keep track of when to send emails and when not to, how many credits you have left on each site reminding you of when to get more.

This is all part of organizing and managing all your safe lists and it all contributes to saving

Organize and Manage All Your Safe lists Part 2you time and when you are a busy mother or father at home, you need all the time savers you can make for yourself, not just to focus on another aspect of your business, but also to help keep you in line with what is going on around you in your area of responsibility at home.

Working from home can be a great thing – so long as you don’t waste time.


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