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Paekakariki Beach

Paekakariki Beach
This video shows the steps from Paekakariki Beach up to the road to where Mal is parked.  These are my feet in the flesh and as footprints.  I obviously lean very heavily to the right when I walk and am an angel on my left foot with hardly a footprint to be seen.   my footprints 150my feet in the sand

pole with tyresdriftwood on thebeachpenguin sign small

 Pole with tyres on it.  I must find out what the significance of these poles are with the tyres as there are several of them around the Surf Live Saving Club area. Then there are various bits of driftwood as shown above.  And Penguins Nesting Area warning to keep all dogs on a leash at all times in order to protect all birds, nests and eggs.Debbie Nicholson - Author Kindle Store