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Port Douglas Here We Come – Part 2

Palm Cove

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Palm Cove was beautiful and not at all crowded as we are in the rainy season and everything seems to be closed down.  I must ask about their seasons here before I leave to get that clarified in my mind.  Only yesterday did they find 2 huge jelly fish with enough venom inside them to kill 120 adults. Needless to say, I was happy to walk along the sand although there is a part that is netted off for swimmers if you are brave enough to go in, knowing of the existence of such creatures in the water.

Port Douglas was a great shopping and eating retreat for us after the long drive.  I must admit I have tried all sorts of new foods while we have been here – and I also have tried out all the ice cream parlours we have come across as well.

In the evening, we went to the Night Markets where everywhere you look there is food and talent of all kinds.  The food was what we tackled first naturally with every choice you can think of being on offer.  Then we did the loops up and down the stalls watching people make things before our eyes, going through their items so proudly displayed in front of them.  Then I had the most heavenly experience – a foot spa and massage. I am so swollen from the heat and had never had a massage of any kind before, however, after that heavenly 45 minutes of my feet being so pampered, at least my swollen feet returned to their normal size and feeling for the rest of the day.

So apart from a system that is suffering from excessive heat and being tempted by foods not used to, my attitude is to heck with eating properly.  I only have two more days here and then I can go home and return to the “Healthy” eating regime!!

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