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Sister Frances Beverly Johnson Monson

Sis Monson Funeral Service



Sister Frances Beverly Johnson Monson, who left us to pass through the veil early in the morning on Friday the 17th 2013, was laid to rest on 23rd May. Most of the talks given emphasised her dedication to serving Heavenly Father.

She was the wife of President Thomas S. Monson. She was blessed to be a mother of three, a grandmother of eight, and a great-grandmother of eight.

Sister Monson left her family a great example of personal humility, dedicated service, pure faithfulness, and heart-warming love.

Her daughter Sister Dibb spoke on behalf of the Monson family about her mother’s example as a welcome way that she hoped all of us who came within her influence could live our own lives, so that in the end we too would be welcomed home to the loving arms of our Lord and Saviour having done our journey here on earth with the same honourable achievement that her mother so willingly showed us how it should be.

Sis Frances B. Monson was always doing good works simply because of her great love for others. Sister Dibb went on to describe the four ways her mother was such an example to her family and to us as Latter Day Saints all around the world.

  • Sister Monson had a great and sincere love for her parents – Franz E. Johnson and Hildur Booth Johnson leaving a legacy of that great commandment Honour thy father and thy mother. The family learned of their grandfather, Franz E. Johnson through the repetition of stories and sharing their mothers memories of him, and then watched as she continued to look after their own mormor, which is ‘mother’s mother’ in Swedish.”
  • Sister Monson totally and sincerely loved her family.
  • Sister Monson totally and sincerely loved the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Sister Monson totally and sincerely loved and was devoted to her husband – her eternal companion—President Thomas S. Monson.

To Read the official account of Sis Frances Beverly Johnson Monson’s Funeral Service Click here.


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