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Solving Dangerous Health Issues With Common Food/Herbs

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As promised I have come up with some more herbs that are beneficial in your life.  Nowadays nothing is sacred in the food chain and there are many horror stories out there as to what is being used in our foods.  Only this morning I came across an article telling me that there is Pork DNA in Cadbury Chocolate.  Why I ask?

Have you ever tried sea vegetables in particular Kelp?  Our thyroid glands are working overtime at the present moment keeping us balanced and our health in check.  However, without extra help, they are being subjected to such a beating and we all need that iodine to keep our thyroids in a maximum state of health to protect against such things as for example the latest threat from radiation from the Fukushima disaster.  We cannot afford to compromise the health of our thyroid glands.  Ingesting something as natural as Kelp will certainly help in keeping up the correct amount of iodine levels we need to be as healthy as we can be.

I have a friend who specialises in adaptogenic Medicinal Mushrooms that generate a substance that balances the body, particularly when the body is under stress, by either stimulating or relaxing.  Medicinal Mushrooms are particularly good for cleansing the Liver which is forever under bombardment from toxic overload and/or mental and physical abuse.  Many of us do not realise just how stress and negativity can affect our lives.

Once we allow metals to invade our body, then often getting them back out again is virtually impossible, however, through long term inclusion into our diets of Chlorella, it can be done, so not to fear. Chorella is a great source of minerals and will use its force to attach itself to all four of the known metals that invade us – aluminium, nickel, lead and mercury while at the same time remineralising our bodies to a healthier state.  Everything in life takes time though so make sure to always have this mineral every day for maximum protection.

Keeping our hormones under control is so necessary nowadays with our lifestyle out of whack with the natural functions of our bodies.  Let’s face it, we are tired, we are definitely overweight, we hardly get enough sleep and emotionally we are so out of balance.

In order to combat these symptoms that tell on our libido, our capacity to be fertile; in the case of women, our monthly menstrual pattern and in later life how we cope with menopause – we need Maca which will supply our systems with all the nutrients we need to keep us in balance.

The latest trend to fortify our immune systems with valuable omega 6s and omega 3s is Hemp.  I have a friend right now who has used hemp to relieve him from the pain and disfiguration of cancer.  There are many other immune related diseases out there that will respond to the healing properties of Hemp.

Every day we fill our tummys with food that is “dead” or so indoctrinated with impurities in the name of “sterile for human consumption” that our guts are constantly at risk of harm thus exhausting our natural enzyme repository.  We need to continually be safeguarding the yeast and bad bacteria within us by making good use of the for life probiotic products being made available to us now rather than always seeking healing through an against life Antibiotic product.  Probiotics are easily absorbed into our bodies giving our digestive system natural healing time to rest and regroup.


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