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We Have A Trendy Launch!!!

We Have  A Trendy Launch

Thriving Audios

Our researchers – Mark and his team – have poured their 30+ years of personal experience in the fields of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Psychological conative functioning of the inner self into a package featuring 4 in 1 brain changing audios.

  • ·       Q-liminal
  • ·       Rapid Injection
  • ·       5 Minute Brain Boosts
  •         Reversed Rapid Injections

Imagine having all of that power for any of the 36 current health problems on the list right now in your very own portable media player device.  4 separate audios that burrow right down deep into your important place – into your non-conscious psychic processes.  That place that only you know and yet are so unaware of how it rules your body so unyieldingly – UNTIL now.

4000+ phrases using righteous, dignified, moral, and imposing questions to truly turn you around as soon as you turn them on to start listening.  We are already being inundated with staggering reports of the return of an astonishing amount of energy into a body that was previously starved of any obvious vitality.

  • Do you think you have been left behind and prayers are going unanswered?
  • Are you shy and have no confidence in whatever you set out to do?
  • Is the old will-power lacking when the ultimate goal is to shed a few pounds?
  • Are cravings for certain foods always materializing  inside your mind?
  • Is the marketing genius inside of you awakened to its fullest potential?

Within just 2 listens with any or all of the audios in the particular package you need, I can tell you with certainty that shooting you to the stars with financial success, certain foods becoming secondary to the visual pictures in your mind, feeling at the top of your game in all situations, and feeling powerful are just a matter of 5 minutes away.

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Free audios

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Q-liminal Packages

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