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We Have Reached Our 2nd To Last Day Of Our Holiday

The Lagoon in Cairns
Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon in the Lagoon resting my legs and feet and enjoying the soothing water surrounding my swollen body.  The Lagoon is so huge and so designed that most likely there were probably thousands of people there, yet, you never felt crowded because of the symmetrical design of the area which afforded many nooks and crannies that allow for small groups or even solo enjoyment.  It is not possible to swim in the ocean because of the sting rays and jellyfish; therefore the Lagoon was set up right beside the ocean for free use by the public.  The atmosphere is enjoyable with punters selling their wares under their pagodas; constant free live music supplied by both buskers as well as arranged bands; constant chatter of families and singles getting to know each other or just sleeping and reading in the sun along with the security of lifeguards placed at strategic points around the lagoon.  Many areas of shade have also been created to keep from being burned. The water varies in depth to cater for all ages, with ramps into the water for those who are physically impaired.  I must say that the city of Cairns is very organised in keeping their population happy.

Keith and I had begun our day, before the household woke, at the food markets where we had a delicious breakfast of unusual items compared to our normally bland diet of cereal and cream/yoghurt.  Once the girls surfaced from their beds, we then embarked on op-shopping, however, I found it far too much to be walking around in the ever increasing heat and humidity….Click here to read Part 2 of We Have Reached Our 2nd To Last Day Of Our Holiday

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