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Whittaker’s Chocolates – Part 2

Whittaker’s Chocolates

“Nowhere in the Bible does it specially suggest an exact date that God created chocolate, but if you were a betting person, you’d go for Day one.  Quite early.  Probably not long after God made chocolatebreakfast in fact. Chocolate is one of life’s utter pleasures, and for the Whittaker Family, the only pleasure greater is getting to craft their own chocolate everyday.  Trying to make it as divine and delicious as possible. You see, for the Whittaker’s, there’s chocolate in their genes.” Some questions you might ask the Whittaker’s: How do you make chocolate? chocolate making processWhittaker’s chocolate-making process is complex and  takes place in several steps. The quality and the taste are everything, therefore they know they have to control every step of the chocolate-making process, from sourcing the bean to making the bar.

  • Ingredients Whittaker’s source only the very finest ingredients from around the world.  Wherever the best is grown, then that is where Whittaker’s go to get them. Their cocoa comes from Ghana and Madagascar – the two homes of the finest beans.  They purchase their beans though the Ghanian Cocoa Board which is committed to ensuring that cocoa beans in Ghana are grown in a responsive and ethical manner.Whittaker’s source all their other ingredients from the worlds best producers too.  All their peanuts, hazelnuts, macadamias and whatever other nuts they need they make sure they are simply the finest you can buy.
  • Crafting The mixing, roasting, refining, moulding and baking machines are the very best available, all hand crafted in Europe by exacting experts to Whittaker’s exacting requirements.  They have many machines and they need them all because they do all their own preparation, their own blending, their own roasting, everything that is needed to make the best bar there is.  Whittaker’s also wrap their own products, carefully removing air in the process. and they wrap them in gold, as befits the very best

What are the latest Whittaker’s products? The latest products are the delicious new slab flavours: the new Berry & Biscuit slab, the Hokey PBerry and Biscuit Slabokey Slab, and the Creamy Milk 50g slabs available now in singles and 2 packs. How do you create new products? Whittaker’s  study trends in chocolate markets in other countries around the world, as well as conduct consumer research groups, in order to create the tasty Whittaker’s range lf yummy chocolates.  They also keep all customer suggestions on a database and analyse that information every 6 months. Do Whittaker’s products contain genetically modified GM ingredients? The answer to this question is an emphatic NO.  None of otheir products contain GM ingredients. Does your dark chocolate contain milk? Milk is not an ingredient of our dark chocolate unlike most dark chocolates available which makes their dark chocolate a popular choice for the many people in the country who are lactose intolerant as well as for vegans.  The dark chocolate is however, made on the same production line as our Milk chocolate varieties and so may contain traces of milk chocolate. On the back of your block products, its says that you batch-roast your cocoa beans.  What does that mean? Whittaker’s roaster takes 170kg of beans at once.  They then roast them for a period of time at a certain temperature.  They do a number of roasts of beans every day.  After each roast, they completely empty the roaster and refill it with a fresh batch of beans. Whittaker’s latest product and competition. Whittakers cornflake mini slabs Enter & be in to WIN our delicious Cornflake Mini Slabs: http://whittake.rs/CornflakeNZ Read more tomorrow as we continue to explore this fabulous company Whittaker’s Chocolates that produces such fabulous chocolates. Debbie Nicholson - Author Kindle Store list building 2