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Wholesale Jewellery And Deceased Estate Sales

Wholesale Jewellery And Deceased Estate Sales

Deceased Estate Jewellery Sales are a boon to people like you looking for wholesale prices for your own collection and shopping at estate sales is quite easy.  Most estate pieces originate from the older generation passing away and leaving pieces that the children and grandchildren are not in the least bit interested in having themselves.  Often the mood of the generation left behind is that they are only interested in the monetary value of the estate rather than the value of things that have been left to them, therefore they don’t even bother to investigate often to see exactly what it is that they are letting go for a pittance as compared to what they could have got for them.  Of course, usually there is more than one person involved in the beneficiary list, and often there is always that one who says get rid of it regardless of the interest taken by one of their siblings.

I can vouch for that myself because when my own parents died, they had things in their china cabinet and hanging on their walls that to an experienced eye were very valuable.  But there was contention between the three of us, therefore I was overruled in all things and the words, “get rid of it” were bandied around too frequently and so all the treasures were lost to our family ever after that. Very sad indeed.

However, for you, the hunter, will acquire wonderful value with what you seek and buy from estates. You will have access to very rare and very old pieces that are far below even the best wholesale jewellery prices and why not.  Someone will always come out at the better end in all situations and in this case, why shouldn’t it be you.

Generally when someone dies, there is not an appraisal done of estate items.  The generation left behind are too  much in a hurry to go through with this procedure regarding anything their parents left as just “old stuff of theirs”. No respect or regard for the wisdom of those who have gone before.  Were the person who has died a very wealthy person, then this would not be the case, because the next generation would only be too much aware that their parents only spent on things of great value, therefore a valuation of everything would get done probably before they are even cold in their grave.  The heirs still have the same goal in mind – simply wanting to cash in – only they are prepared for the time to receive to come a bit later.

Generally though, heirs have no clue as to what value they might have in their hands.  They just want to “get rid of it”.  So it is very likely that you could come away with an heirloom piece at a very good rock bottom price. Often you will just find these items stashed in an old suitcase at a garage sale – a treasure trove to you, but a discarded “who cares” item to the garage sale seller.  It is very possible to walk away with thousands of dollar worth of all sorts of things that might be stashed away in those old suitcases! Some of it could be jewellery, just what you need.  Some of it could be other items that might lead to further sales in another category.

Even if the wholesale jewellery you find at deceased estate jewellery sales is not valuable, some of the pieces will definitely be interesting for you to add to your settings when making up your own pieces.  You just don’t know what you will find in these places.  It is both mysterious as well as exciting.

All you have to do is take each piece apart very carefully and reuse them.  Save everything you can, from the gems, the chains, the settings as well as other pieces.  In the long run, each piece you can retrieve or salvage from another piece saves you money and saves you the hunt for an equal or similar piece to include in what you are making at the moment.

What to look for when you are a more experienced shopper for wholesale jewellery?  I would use the 7 standards guideline as listed below.

  • ·       Size
  • ·       Scarcity
  • ·       Demand
  • ·       Design
  • ·       Colour
  • ·       Craftsmanship
  • ·       Condition

Being trained in using a loupe would be a good skill to have.   A loupe is a small magnifying glass that is used exclusively by jewellers and those who manufacture jewellery.  The naked eye does not often pick up what can be seen through such a tool.  Damage to the setting or to the stones set into the pieces is what you need to catch before your purchase.  The use of lead solder on a precious metal is not a good look either.  Being trained in using a loupe will pick up these things straight away and save you a good deal of money.  Authenticity is what you are looking for because there are so many synthetics that look real that you can easily be fooled.

There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there in the jewellery world, therefore having these skills behind you would be of great benefit to you. So if you are an experienced person with high expectations for your estate buys, then make sure you are equipped the right way.

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