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Wholesale Jewellery and eBay Auctions

Wholesale Jewellery and eBay Auctions

While eBay is a fantastic venue to find whatever your heart desires, it is also a place where con artists run rampant with such a growing market of innocents in their millions.  Wholesale Jewellery attracts these people as well as the good ethical people, therefore I am just warning you to be aware that all sometimes is not as it seems on eBay.  Yes, you can get many deals on eBay – as I have warned in previous chapters – make sure that the person you end up dealing with is the genuine article.

Where would you start with eBay you might ask?  Well, if it were me, I would make it my business to read everything there is to read on the site where the wholesale jewellery you are contemplating buying is.  Read all that small print.  If in doubt, get a professional to read it as well.  Ask the seller questions and see what you can glean from their replies.  Read the comments and stats.  And above all, keep all communications on eBay so that there is a definite paper trail that can be followed should the need arise later down the track.

It never hurts to check everything.  Check out the person you are seeking business with.  Check out their company if they are advertising as one.  What about their ratings?  What about the feedback from other customers?  Are they listed on the site?  What, if any are the negative comments posted?

Should you have any doubts whatsoever, this is your gut talking.  Forget about this auction and go pursue another one as there are sure to be plenty more.

Perhaps the seller has a great reputation among his following. Perhaps the feedback is all positive.  Perhaps the ratings are sky high. Then this is also your gut talking to you.  If you trust them, then use them. If you have any doubts then do not use them.

Again I can’t stress enough about shipping costs.  What about timeframes for shipping items – is that clearly stated?  What payment options are being offered?   As the buyer, you can’t get away from paying the shipping costs as they are usually the responsibility of the buyer and will require an up-front payment before any shipment of products or items are made. In fact in my experience, the shipping costs are added to the cost of the product or item and all of this needs to be paid beforehand.

What about insurance?  Some of that wholesale jewellery you are buying may carry an insurance cost as well. Find out with whom the insurance policy lies.  Make sure it is adequate so that your product or item that you are paying up-front is adequately covered should there be loss in transit.

eBay has that escrow service that they offer so use that service where and if possible. That is what it was designed for in the first place – to protect you and the seller and your goods. If the seller suggests using another escrow service then perhaps you should not deal with them as  just maybe going through with this particular deal might not turn out to be the right deal to be doing. Listen to the hunches you feel from your gut.

Snipers are very real so beware of them as they are rife on eBay even though it is against all eBay’s rules.  While sniping itself is not against the rules, the use of automatic software is and this software is built to bring in the highest bidder at the very last minute, not giving anyone else a chance to secure a bid of their own before the auction finishes.  When placing your bids, make sure that yours is the maximum amount that you have decided is what you can afford to put towards the wholesale value of the item upon which you are bidding. Should the bid be raised at this point, then your bid will automatically go up as well until the ceiling that you have placed on that item is reached. This action is definitely a legal action according to the rules of eBay and is not considered sniping.

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