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Why You Need Email Marketing Services Part 1

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Why You Need Email Marketing Services Part 1Email marketing4

Today I want to talk to you about Email Marketing Services and how important they are in our world of online businesses.  Everything else we do, it seems, falls into the instant category, however, eEmail marketing7mailing certainly does not fit into anything  INSTANT as far as I am concerned.  It is unfortunate that we live by today’s standards in everything we do e.g. TV comes on at the click of a button, the cellphone connects you to anyone in the world within a few seconds, you can download great sagas written by ancient people who are hardly ever thought of nowadays, you can see someone or chat to someone half way across the world in a totally different time zone before you can click your fingers.  Oh yes, this world is full of “If we can’t do it now, then let’s not do it!!”

Having a business online still requires the same attention as if you were serving someone in a shop.  Your customers don’t want to be kept waiting while you finish off your banking and add Email marketing6up that great list of figures.  They want your attention pretty smart and you had better give it to them or they will just go somewhere else OR worse still they will complain on the Skype or Facebook group and next thing they have sent a virus around the world within seconds telling everyone your customer service is atrocious.

Is this sounding familiar to you?  I see it happening every day.  Fortunately you get to know the whingers, and so I tend to ignore them because I treat everyone as I expect to be treated.  I give them the chance and if they upset me, then I just quietly leave without them knowing.  I don’t go on about it because what is that type of behaviour going to do for me?  Is it going to enhance what I do, or are people going to think I am a whinger as well?  Best to just keep quiet and find someone who suits your needs better.

Email marketing5Sending thousands of emails just greeting an optin, asking for their opinions on things, thanking them for becoming part of your list, thanking them for ordering, letting them know what they have brought is on it’s way, asking if they have received it, thanking them for their payment, checking they are happy with your product, and then starting the process all over again to get them to buy something else from you – it makes me tired just looking at all that work in front of me.  Who needs this??  We all got out of offline business, facing horrible customers so that we didn’t have to put up with all of this extra work.  Yes, people do it this way, however, I for one just do not have the time as I become more interested in what can  be achieved online if you set yourself up properly.

I am not suggesting that you ignore your customers.  They need all of this pampering and they Email marketing8are expecting all of this pampering just as you are yourself when you make a transaction online.  In fact, if you are like me, you get a bit upset if your payment is not acknowledged because when you click that buy now button who knows where your money goes to so quickly?  You can’t actually see the other end putting it into their till can you?

One of the ways you can set yourself up to carry out all of these menial tasks that your Email marketing9secretary used to slave away at in your former offline business is to outsource this type of work.  In other words call up your former secretary and ask her if she would like to come work for you at your home office now.  If I were her I would say “Stick it! You couldn’t pay me enough!!” hahaha.   There are people in the world, however, who are only too willing to carry out these tasks for you for an hourly fee.  There is of course an easier way that is far less expensive as well and that is through the use of a good Email Marketing Service.

By using an Email Marketing Service you can do all of the above with just the click of a button. Email marketing The only time that it is going to take you – which may be a few hours, or a few days, depending on your time schedule, is taking the time to set up your emails into the system you choose to use for your Email Marketing Services.

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