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Would You Like A Cup Of Cocoa Jeremy Clarkson?

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Would you like a cup of cocoa Jeremy Clarkson?

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Would You Like A Cup Of Cocoa Jeremy Clarkson?

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…….We are not only talking about cakes of chocolate of course.  It is known that 2 cups of cocoagood, strong cocoa every day does wonders for the body and for the soul in that there is an enlightened boost to memory cells and reasoning tests, as well as an ever increasing blood flow to one’s brains when able to indulge in this social drink.  I think it could be the inclusion of flavanol which is a healthfully important antioxidant known for an increased function of the brain and blood vessels.  Our researchers originally went into their testing programme to discover ways of increasing blood flow to the brain during a situation for resolving problems.  They also touched on performance enhancing tests as regards not only the brain, but an improved functioning of blood vessels as well.

Cocoa With Flavanol Or Not?

In order to help them along with their testing, a flavanol-rich or flavanol-poor hot cocoa  was given to the testing people involved, having already suspected that thinking skills and blood cocoa thinking skillsflow may be boosted by this most welcome cocoa beverage.  The tests were done over 30 days because as both you and I know that in order for our minds to accept a change in habits, it seems that a 30 day period is the length of time that we must participate in any habit changing programme.

A simple computer screen test showing a pattern of a series of letters was the test chosen to give to the testing people involved…………..  

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