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How to Open An Online Jewellery Store

How to Open An Online Jewellery Store


I am so excited that you have reached this point in your new business. Having been in business myself for many years, I always love knowing when it is someone else’s turn to become entrepreneurial in their thinking and opening your own jewellery store has never been so easy as it is nowadays.  The internet is the way to go, because often you don’t even need your own product to open up a store.  Opening your own online store gives you so many options.

Here I will explain the option to have your own Jewellery store without having to stock a single piece of jewellery. Yes, that’s right, you don’t have to have your own stock – now wouldn’t that be great?  This then allows you to have your own jewellery store the day that you suddenly decide, “I am going to do it!” This option gives you an instant business and the only thing you need to do now is to send traffic to your new website. This of course is the marketing side of all businesses.

Let me outline the steps you need to take to have an instant business.

First of all, you need to find wholesale jewellery suppliers.  Then you need to scan their sites to see if they drop-ship.  Drop-shipping is where you take the orders and the money; then you pay the money to these wholesale jewellery suppliers; they get the items out of their huge warehouses; they wrap them up and put a label on and then they ship your item off to your customer.  Now, doesn’t that sound fabulous?

  • No storage on your part.
  • No inventory on your part.
  • No worrying that you have over-brought a particular piece and can’t get rid of it on your part.

It’s the ideal way to go, especially if you do not have space, the facilities, or the time to do everything yourself. All you have to do is get your website up and running featuring a beautiful catalogue of all that they have to offer in their extensive warehouses – no one needs know that it is not your stuff.  Then the next step is your marketing and sending traffic to your site.  After that you start getting your customers who use your order form using information that they can view in your Catalogue.

Customers are happy to pay when they order and you have already warned them about the time it will take before the order will be actually delivered to their addresses. They are only interested in your terms and conditions – your refund/exchange policy.

Naturally you will be charging your own profit fee on top of the price you pay  to your drop-shipping people. Everyone is happy.  The customer comes to your website; views your extensive catalogue; orders from you; pays you; you then order from your drop-shipping people; give them the name and address of your customer; they get it all ready and send it out in the allotted time space; the customer receives the order; the customer gives you a review or great testimonial and everyone is happy.

Setting your own prices is the key here.  Make sure you take into account all cost factors when deciding upon the price you need to charge your customers. Making a 15% to 30% profit on each item is not to be scoffed at.  Offline jewellery stores add 65% onto each piece. I know this because I used to sell wholesale jewellery to jewellery shops once upon a time in my lifetime.

So be sure to

  • See what your wholesaler charges per item.
  • Add their shipping costs they are charging.
  • Add your percentage profit to all of that.

Is the website going to cause you a problem?  Then get someone in who can make a professional job building one for you.  Or if you have experience in doing such things, then build it yourself.  Some wholesalers even provide you with a ready-made website – check that all of the prices listed on this ready-made website are what are going to give you your own profit.  In other words, make sure the prices can be changed at your discretion. Now you will have to also be careful here, because being supplied with a ready-made website will also include a fee for having access to such a service. Plus you have to take into account as well that you are not the only one they will be supplying a ready-made website to.  You will have competition and all of your websites are going to look the same.

Remember in another chapter in this book, that I mentioned that the secret to success when in business is being able to stand out from the crowd?  This is a pure example of what I meant by that advice earlier on.

Another option would be to have your own eBay store. eBay charges a fee for this as well but at least when you get a website from them, it will be a website design that is unique to you and your branding.  Being able to bypass the original eBay stores and to set up your own affordable auctions will also be of great benefit to you if you choose this way to go. Here the only thing I would advise you on.  Ensure that you have minimum reserve prices set to each of the items you have on sale. Otherwise you could lose a lot of money.  Another thing you would need to be aware of is that shipping costs have to be taken into account here as well, so make sure you have provisions built into your website, that ensure that the customer is paying for all shipping and insurance costs and NOT YOU.

This is a great way to have your own Jewellery business up and running within a few hours of your opening day. Easy, affordable and so hassle-free.

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How to Make Your Own Jewellery

How to Make Your Own Jewellery

What a wonderful hobby to have.  My sisterinlaw opened my eyes as to how easy it is to make your own jewellery when we visited her last.  She had see-through boxes of beads of all shapes, colours and sizes. She had other see-through boxes of the bits that you need to put them together as either stringed or brooches or earrings.  Had we been living in a house, I would have jumped at the chance to join her in making them, however, it was not to be because we do not have a house and therefore I have no storage even for a few see-through boxes!! Very sad.

However, there are numerous people in the world who do make their own jewellery and they sell their pretty pieces at malls and markets and outside their buses at meets, and then there are also those who sell them online. You just need a creative mind as to what colours, shapes and sizes to put together.  Then you need to decide lengths and whether they are to adorn the neck, or the ankle or the wrist or the chest or the ear.

Being a creative person myself, it seems like a great workable hobby-come-online business to me. People even put out books giving you instructions on how to assemble each piece.  YouTube is full of these instructional videos if you want to go looking there.  It is so much easier when you can follow along with someone for each step until you get comfortable to make them on your own.

Blog sites are available when you type into Mr Google “how to make your own jewellery”.  Detailed websites are available as well.   It’s an exciting new world out there for anyone who wishes to put their creativity to the test and the market is certainly available to those who have beautiful jewellery for sale.

Supplies are readily available – we have a great shop in New Zealand called Spot Light and they have a vast range of jewellery items in their hobby section.  Overseas you must have shops that cater for a similar patronage.  If you have $2 and $3 dollar stores, this is a another outlet where you can buy what you like in small packets for very reasonable prices.

When shopping online, I have already outlined in previous chapters how buying in bulk gets you better prices on a piece by piece cost factor.  The more you buy, the less the cost per piece. You just need an upfront payment and then go from there.

Gems, whether cheap or really good quality can be brought online or offline – you just need a good eye for what you seek to make your own jewellery.  String and wire type materials are readily available through the same sources.  Earring wires or caps, whether plastic or metal are also available in great bulk prices. Tools that you would need to make your own jewellery are a bit more specialised but then again, if you are not close to an offline store, then buying through the internet will be an okay way to go.

Once you have done some practice ones and are feeling confident that you can now start using your creativity to make your unique styles, then this would be the time to start letting your friends and family know that you have chosen to start a business making your own jewellery.  Let’s just hope that when you got the first inkling of an idea to start out your own jewellery business, that you did not discuss with your friends and family how cheap you could make your own jewellery.  Otherwise, now when you are showing them your own unique pieces, people who have long memories will often not be happy to pay the retail price you want to charge. You see from my own experience, people who do not have trades and businesses of their own do not ever appreciate the time taken – the labour you have put into making each piece.  They will only remember you telling them how cheap you got this and that, and how cheap you were able to pick this and that up for.

Therefore use your discretion as to who you allow into your business circle when discussing very private matters such as the basic costs of things.

When you are ready to sell, you will naturally start with those whom you know, therefore the less they know about the basic costs to you the better – just so you can start to get your investment money back gradually right from the beginning.

Learning about all of these wholesale tricks I am sharing with you here will certainly have you soon showing a thriving business and a profitable one at that!

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How to Clean Jewellery

How to Clean Jewellery

No matter what quality your jewellery is, there is always going to be a certain amount of tarnish, no matter how well you think you are looking after your different pieces.  If you look online as well as in offline shops you will come across heaps of cleaners that can be used for jewellery items.  Which one you choose that is the safest to use all depends on the quality of the make of your particular item. Make sure you have clearly examined each piece before subjecting your jewellery to strenuous cleaning other than just rubbing with your own fingers and hands.  You will thank yourself in the long run for this close examination of your jewellery to see exactly what thought and action has been taken into the construction of each piece.   Your gems and your settings should be your top priority when thinking about the care of your jewellery.

When it comes to using a jewellery cleaner that requires some soaking, then first of all check what, if any, pieces have been actually glued on to the basic setting.  Glued on pieces do not take well to a bath of any kind.  Woolite is recommended for some things – this is a detergent that is known to carefully wash away everyday dirt that has accumulated on all sorts of fabrics and metals.  If using Woolite then just soak your piece for a timed period of maybe 60 to 120 seconds, using a very, very soft babies toothbrush to gently get into the small crevices between the stones and the setting, and then very, very gently drying with a soft cloth.

Pearls definitely do NOT like a bath at any time.  They come from the ocean and whether they do not want to remember their origins because it has always been a mystery to me why they don’t like a bath, I cannot tell you, however, water is NOT their friend at all. Tap water especially is NOT their friend.  Wiping pearls carefully with a soft cloth that has been dampened  will clean them sufficiently enough, following this gentle action up with an equally soft polishing cloth and a very light rub to give them back their sheen.

Soaking any piece of jewellery overnight is a huge NO NO!  It is not necessary and certainly if you wish to have longevity out of your pieces, then an overnight soaking is definitely NOT the way to go.

A simple recipe that can be used is to make something out of water and baking soda.  In the olden days, baking soda was the only and best form of cleaning agent that could be found.  It is still used extensively today under the guises of brand names but really when you closely examine the contents of such pretty boxes and packets of cleaners, you will almost always find the basic ingredient of baking soda listed on the side.

To make a jewellery cleaning paste here is the recipe:

  • Take ¼ cup baking soda and 2 tablespoons of water and mix together to make a thick paste.


  • Carefully – with a dampened sponge – rub, rinse and then buff dry. DO NOT soak silver in water ever.
  • This is sufficient to remove any tarnish that has built up on your silver items.

Should you wish to clean a gold piece of jewellery, then I suggest:

  • Dust a light covering of baking soda over the piece.
  • Pour white vinegar over it.
  • Rinse clean.
  • If you feel there is some grit in little crevices, then very gently use a very soft baby toothbrush to give it a light brushing during the cleaning stages.

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How to Make A Jewellery Catalogue

How to Make A Jewellery Catalogue

When selling your jewellery, it is a great idea to have some sort of catalogue so that people know what you sell and from where do you sell it.  Selling jewellery offline as well as online is a very popular pastime therefore your competition is everywhere as well so you need to be just that little bit different in order to stand out from the crowd.

In all of my businesses, it has always been suggested to me that standing out from the crowd is how you get noticed.  It is no good just sitting quietly back and hoping that someone will see you.  They need to be informed of your presence in the industry and this is what should always be in your mind when you decide to get into business – particularly here in the jewellery business. This of course, depends on how serious you are about being in business.

Making a catalogue is not really too hard when you come to think of it.  Some planning needs to go into the process, however, if you are smart enough to make beautiful pieces of jewellery with your hands, then I am quite sure that your imagination will also not fail you when putting something together to show off your wares to your potential customers.

You have two options that I see – that of an offline print catalogue and that of an online catalogue. Whichever choice you feel is better suited to you will be the one that you will pursue.

I know when I first started out with actual real live products, the need for a catalogue was first and foremost in my mind as I had to get people to know what “Debbie Nicholson” was all about.  And so I made a very beautiful catalogue that unfortunately took up a lot of space in that it fitted those lovely 80 A4 page size brochure folders.  While it looked wonderful, it was an impossible size to send out anywhere or to just leave somewhere.  So I didn’t find that too gratifying.

The next best choice is something that you can get printed up professionally and sent out in bulk to mailing addresses.  This is if you are only working offline.

Making a beautiful online catalogue is the best decision cost-wise, however, there are so many of them that you need to really be different with your catalogue as I stated at the beginning of this article. A catalogue needs professional looking photos – if you are doing them yourself then camera angles are important as well as the black or dark blue velvet layout that you lay your pieces against.  Doing things yourself saves you heaps of money but really – do you know what you are doing?

You will soon see your results once you load up your pictures to your computer.  What publishing software will you be using?  That is also important to the design and layout of the catalogue that shows the world what you have to sell. Having a professional do it for you of course will cost you money.  It is all depends on your entrepreneurial thinking in the end.

When doing something offline, then save your catalogue to a flash drive and take that to your printer because ultimately you will need thousands of printed catalogues. Pages need to be printed in colour and in a glossy print for the best effects as well as some sort of binding choice.  Mass direct mailing is, I presume where you are headed, therefore these initial costs will be worth the effort in the end as you can get reprints done just through a telephone call.

A mailing list is the next requirement, therefore you need to find a reputable mailing list company who usually will also send out for you if you want to go this way.  Another alternative would be for you to request a mailing list through a purchase of same and do the sending yourself. Whichever way you go, the catalogues will go out to the people who have expressed an interest in purchasing wholesale jewellery because these are the lists with which you will be dealing.

If it were me, I would probably opt to have the marketing company do it as they always will get better postage rates, having been in the business for many years.  The choice is always yours.

So you need in essence

  • Reliable professional photograph,
  • A reputable printer,
  • A reputable direct mail company,
  • And heaps of resolve!

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How to Find Boxes for Your Jewellery

How to Find Boxes for Your Jewellery

When one has a hobby that requires a presentation box of some kind it is always a worry as to where to find such boxes at a reasonable price.  I have had the same problem with things that I have made in the past so I was very interested in pursuing this line of thought for future events when I might be enthused to make something that needed a presentation box.

It is always nice to receive something in a gift box especially pieces of jewellery – for the mystique, for the fun, for the easier wrapping, or simply just for the aesthetic pleasure.

In New Zealand you can get great service from Quick Brown Box and they will send you a sample of your order to wherever you live in New Zealand. They come in black, brown and white colours with various printing options. They offer a fast turnaround, no setup costs and will make sure that what you want is what you will get in customizing to your tastes. The materials they use are eco-friendly and they have very affordable prices.

The information you would need to give them are the length in mm; width in mm; height in mm;  the purpose for which you are ordering;  e.g. what would be the item the box will eventually hold; the estimated weight of the said item; how many boxes you might require and what type of print would be your preference.

Here is their link

When you are from another country, then your best option would be to shop online as jewellery boxes are easily found at affordable prices in online stores.  All you have to do is go to Mr Google and type into the search box ‘boxes for jewellery’ and there will be many, many results that will suit where you live.  You will be pleased to know that most places will even print your logo on each box, however, you will be up for an extra cost if this is part of the service you wish to offer when sending your pieces of jewellery through the mail.

As with anything the more you buy, the better the price, therefore buying in bulk would be a great suggestion on my part.  Before your purchase it would be a great idea to make sure that you do have access to a refund and/or exchange system just in case they get the sizes muddled up and you receive something that does not suit your items size, shape and weight.  And if for some reason your boxes arrive in a damaged state then that would be another great idea why you should check for refunds and exchanges.

Sending off pieces of jewellery that customers have ordered from you should look professional at all times not just to give the item a good image, but yourself a good image as  well.

First impressions count in all things, therefore being on the receiving end of an online purchase will encourage further purchases if the very first purchase leaves the buyer with a great impression of you and your service.

That little box will say and do it all for you.

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How To Buy Silver Jewellery Online

How To Buy Silver Jewellery Online

Always nice to know that the jewellery that you choose to wear today is something that is in vogue these days.  Silver jewellery is so beautiful and always goes with most things that you wear.  The cost factor is also better than that of it counterpart – Gold Jewellery.

When buying silver jewellery at wholesale prices, then the internet is the best option to choose as on the internet there is such a wide variety of manufacturers and they are all around the world and most especially better is that they are at your fingertips.  Shopping this way instead of using your feet in the initial stages saves so much time and money.

Jewellery wholesalers who advertise online almost always have something silver in their range.  Some even specialise in silver only.  Paying wholesale online of course does help to keep costs down immensely and certainly beats paying retail prices as you would have to do at a jewellery store whether online or offline.

Sterling silver jewellery is the best to buy so make sure that when you are making a purchase of silver jewellery that it is the sterling silver that is being advertised. You can tell when you are buying the genuine article as it carries with it a distinctive mark – that of the number ´925’. Silver jewellery marked with this number is the highest quality silver that you could possibly buy whether buying through wholesale or retail.  Do not be fooled by descriptions of ‘high quality sterling silver’ or ‘low quality sterling silver’ as there is no such thing.  Sterling silver comes in only one quality and that is sterling silver.

The weight is what you are looking for here.  Cost of sterling silver is determined by the weight of the silver used during manufacture.  Hand-made pieces cost more because more silver is used in making each piece.

All silver jewellery discolours whether it be sterling silver or not so judging by the colour of the silver when you first see it should not be the determining factor as to how good a piece it is. Silver jewellery loves being tended to – it loves being cleaned and polished and on a regular weekly basis.  This way you will always have beautiful jewellery.

What to clean it with?  There are so many varied brands of polish for silver pieces on the market.

When buying silver jewellery, it would be my advice that you buy wholesale as being the best choice to choose.  Silver, being so different to Gold is already reasonably low-priced and suits many peoples budgets and tastes.  Never worry yourself as to the quality of it either, because silver is silver not matter what, you just need to be sure that what you choose is sterling silver when making your purchase.

Next you should concern yourself with the stones and the settings in which they are placed.  Solid construction is what you need a good eye for.  Next you should concern yourself with the stones that are used, that they are genuine stones and not fake stones depending on what you have in your mind to buy.

Naturally real diamonds will put the costs of silver jewellery up significantly, however, when buying at wholesale prices, the price to you the consumer will still be the best and lowest price you to find in your online search.

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How to Buy Jewellery Wholesale

How to Buy Jewellery Wholesale

It is fun and very easy to buy Jewellery at Wholesale prices when now we have such easy access to the internet where you can buy just about anything you wish. There are a wide range of wholesale companies online just waiting to receive and dispatch your repeat orders. Their prices are competitive for whatever pieces you have in mind.

Being in a position to discern between an online jewellery store and an online wholesale company is a skill that you will need to adopt if you wish to be very successful in this market.  Online jewellery stores do sell discounted jewellery pieces only they are retail prices at friendly cut prices. Whereas an online wholesale company sells jewellery pieces at wholesale prices – far cheaper than what can be had when purchasing at discounted retail prices from an online jewellery store.

Next you might think that you would need a directory of all of the online wholesale companies available to you, however, this is not totally necessary because just a quick search with Mr Google will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Let me give you an example here.  Perhaps you might be looking for an engagement ring at the right wholesale price, then simply by typing into the search engine “Engagement Ring Wholesale” you will be taken straight to every page that contains those keywords and from there you can then choose which dealer with whom to place your order.

It is always nice to know that some wholesalers only sell in bulk orders.  If you are only looking to buy 1 engagement ring then buying in bulk is not really the order of the day to follow through with. Your search instead would just take a little longer, as there certainly are online wholesalers who are quite happy to sell just the 1 item so do not despair.

Maybe you might not be interested in buying something online for various reasons one of them being trust when procuring something of usually great value.  Discount Clubs are available to someone in this category of searcher.   Sam’s is a well-known discount club that offers items for sale on a piece by piece quantity. They offer coupons and promo codes with their orders and at the moment carry great discounts for this current year.  Jewellery at Sam’s are very heavily discounted retail prices.  Before going with their prices though, it is always a good thing to check out the coupons being offered by Groupon first.

I mentioned earlier about Trust in an online company dealing with jewellery.  It is a good idea to check out the quality of the ring you wish to buy to make sure it is the genuine item.  Just because they advertise that their jewellery is authentic doesn’t mean to say that it IS so make sure to read the fine print and make sure that you are sufficiently educated in jewellery so that you can pick up discrepancies easily. Learning the hard way is usually very costly!

Words like ‘gold plated’ or even ‘realistic’ might be phrases that I would look out for immediately the alarm bells start ringing.  Go with your gut feelings at the time as these phrases usually indicate that the item you are wishing to purchase is not a TRUE product in that the stones could be fake and that the gold could be substandard.

Ensure that there is a refund or exchange policy in their terms and conditions. Guarantees of 100% money back guarantee should also be phrases that you should be on the lookout for when reading through the fine print. If you don’t have the patience to read such fine print, then get someone who is a professional to look through it for you.  In the end this will save you spending your hard-earned money on something that is worthless.

EBay or TradeMe are also great places to buy online wholesale jewellery.  Caution is still needed here as well though as you must make sure that the person or company who is selling you an item does have a good online reputation. You can tell from reviews online and there is always the services that escrow offer – naturally there are fees for their services but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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Exporting Wholesale Jewellery

Exporting Wholesale Jewellery

Did you know that by sending just 1 piece of jewellery out of the country to another country it is actually seen as exporting jewellery to another country?

I was not aware of this and because one has children who live overseas, it is so easy to overlook this rule because you are always sending presents for Christmas, Anniversaries and Birthdays and probably don’t even think about a gift that you are sending quite innocently to your children or as in my case, my grandchildren.

Therefore now that you are aware of these things, it would be best before you send such gifts to contact the authorities to ensure that what you are doing is totally legal, because it would be no fun if someone from the authorities came visiting you one time to slap a warrant on you for this innocent gift occasion.  They may not understand that you are an innocent person – some authorities are so vicious nowadays given the amount of people who actually do spend their entire lives cheating them.

So let me reiterate here.   Sending a single item of jewellery to another country could be seen as ‘exporting goods.’

Someone reading this blog might think, I live in the USA and I am only sending it to Mexico or Canada!  Well if these countries do not form the United States of America then you could be in for a not very nice tax bill.

There are places you can ring to check and I would familiarise myself with them if you have intentions of sending any of your wholesale jewellery overseas at any time in the future.  The Customs Agency that is local to your particular State would be the first port of call. Or you could check further afield by contacting the United States Customs Office if you hail from America.  Here in New Zealand you would check with Customs.

They would require a detailed description of each piece you intend to send and will probably require photographs as well for further checking on their part.  If there are stones involved, then naturally they would want weights and sizes of each stone.  It is their job to let you know if shipping is legal or not, and also they should be able to tell you what if any problems you could run up against in particular countries. Every country has their own laws. Remember that just because it seems okay in your own country, that may not necessarily be the case in another country.

Remember that if you are sending something to a buyer overseas, then shipping costs will need to be added to the cost of the item before shipping.  Shipping from many countries is now an expensive matter, therefore you do not want to be lumbered with having to pay these yourself because that would soon eat into any profit you are making on the item involved.

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Jewellery Shows and Expos

Wholesale Jewellery Displayed at Jewellery Shows and Expos

I don’t know about you, but I love to visit expos to see what they have in the way of Jewellery displays.  Often it is at these types of events that you find a lot of Jewellery at wholesale prices. You will find these expos and similar types of events are held throughout many parts of the world, so it doesn’t really matter where you live, there will always be merchants who like to gather in one place to show off their wares to the locals.  Many of these merchants travel long distances to be part of these events as their own local communities have already shown their interest in their wares, therefore that gives them incentive enough to know that people in other communities could also be interested in what they have to sell.

Most major cities have convention centers, and these are the places that are most likely to host such an event as an expo at least on an annual basis. They will usually have different themes they cater to throughout the year, therefore there will be more than one occasion during the year that you will be able to catch up to one of these events.

Wholesale jewellery is very popular and therefore there will probably be displays at all of these events no matter what theme is being advertised.  Merchants tend to gather together at all events offered, as the more public displays they attend, the more likely their branding will become more popular. They would probably just alter their display colours or features to match the event theme and their presence at each event would not be considered unwise or not relevant.  In the olden days, caravans of merchants made continuous journeys to all cities throughout their countries and an expo would be on a par with these traveling shows of old.

You will always be privileged to find a lot of information offered at these themed expos which adds value to what you expect to see lined up for sale.  More often there will be several displays of jewellery – absolutely beautiful items on display by several merchants, thus giving you a wide range of choice when you are on the hunt for something in your price range. What is more, the events usually carry over 2 to 3 days therefore you have ample time to see something, go away and think about it, and come back and make your purchase.  You will also have the time to chat to these merchants who are always willing to give you their time so that you can get to know them and develop trust with them and their brand.

Some offer demonstrations.  Some offer seminars related to their product at other times of the year, therefore this information is so valuable when seeking out places for your interest in wholesale  jewellery.

Entry fees are charged at expos and other events such as these, along with parking, therefore there are some costs involved, but truly there is no other place where you get access to many traders under one roof, thus eliminating unnecessary travel and time to many merchants in their own home towns which could prove quite costly if the merchants you wish to visit often live long distances from where you live.

How to find when there is an event?  Visit your local convention centre and find out for yourself what they are offering over the coming year.  Get on their mailing list and that would save you the visit because they would either send you an annual or bi-annual event brochure or perhaps will contact you via email.

If it is not a necessary part of your life to be restricted to local, then search online for jewellery shows in whichever town or city  you wish to visit and you will find the information you wish to know at the touch of your keyboard.  Just type ‘jewellery shows your home town’ replacing the words home town with the city you wish to visit.

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Jewellery Wholesalers

Dealing with Jewellery Wholesalers

Wholesale Jewellery dealers are human just like you,  therefore they love to talk to people about what they sell and are always willing to give you their time to give you avid descriptions of each of their pieces.  Pride and enthusiasm in one’s business is so important otherwise why would one be in business, therefore it would be a very unusual case to approach someone who has not the slightest interest in talking to you about what they have to sell.  I say this, because you do not want to feel timid in the initial approach if you are interested in what they have on display.

There is always the chance that they haven’t got everything with them, so this one on one conversation should also be taken as an opportunity to find out as much as you can about them, where they come from and their particular field of interest.  As with yourself, you may only be interested in antique jewellery, therefore your conversation may steer that way.  However, the merchant may have a particular interest in a certain stone or setting, therefore he would be only too willing to share that with you and perhaps guide you to another piece that you had never thought of before.

These conversations always help when they are two-sided, as both of you get satisfaction from the time being spent by either of you and makes for a more successful day for each of you at the end of the day.  In talking to a merchant they will be happy to discuss something along the lines of a bargain, however, their thoughts would probably steer more towards a bulk buy, rather than a single item, therefore you need to be aware that the lowest price to them may not be what you had in mind if you are after only one particular piece.  Everyone has to make a profit, therefore it would not be fair to try to bargain below wholesale prices for just one or two pieces.  Were you to be interested in several pieces, then a bargain could be reached given the mood of the merchant at the time, and your enthusiasm.

Being able to exam items with a magnifying glass would be acceptable when you are looking for quality jewelry.  After all, in the end it is your hard-earned money that is going to be handed over at the end of the day, therefore it would be very self-assuring if you know exactly what you are looking for in a piece, rather than just bumbling in, hoping what you are buying is the genuine thing.  Not great to find out down the road that you had been cheated in some way. When visiting these shows, some homework needs to have been done, because in the end you are looking for quality jewellery at a reasonable price.

By dealing with a wholesale merchant without the extra costs involved by the addition of a middleman, your spending should actually work out in your favour.  It is to  be hoped that the merchants you are dealing with are the wholesale jewellery dealer in person, however, sometimes this is not the case.  Some merchants do not make their own pieces and of course get them from other sources, therefore in knowing that, you will be aware that an extra cost has been added to each item so as to allow for profit to be made on the original purchase by the merchant from their own wholesale jewellery dealer person.

If you suspect that the person with whom you are dealing is not the manufacturer and therefore the source of the jewellery, then do some research and find out who might be behind the original transaction and establish a relationship with that person instead.  All relationships need to be kept up at all times, if you can see there would be an advantage to you in the future.  Therefore relationships with merchants is no different, and these types of relationships as with any formed, need time and trust.  Trust on the side of the merchant is that your credit remains good at all times.  Honesty goes a long way to forming a good relationship as well from both sides. Naturally as each of you get to know each other better, then better prices and deals will be the positive result at the end of the day and perhaps better credit terms.

All of us humans like to be treated well, therefore, be particular in your dealings with your merchants, so that there should never be a cause for deals and prices to go sour on you. And if you suspect foul play on the side of the wholesaler as to the honesty and authenticity of pieces you get from them, then the only other alternative is to find a new wholesale person with whom to transact.

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